Love Binks and Books? We do too!

Love Binks and Books? We do too!

We love to talk about books and the importance of reading to your child. But, we know that to a parent the best advice comes from other parents. We want to give you the opportunity to tell us and tell other parents how much you love reading to your child at bedtime.

Share with us any secret tricks to getting your kids to bed early. Any of your favorite stories to read together. Bedtime life hacks. Photos of you and your child reading. The blanket fort you build with your Binks and Books blanket. Anything! Most of all we want to hear how much you love Binks and Books. 

Send us your feedback and you could be featured on our website and our instagram. You would also have the opportunity to help out and engage with other parents.  

Comment down below or email us at Then follow us on Instagram and Facebook and check our website to see if you and your child have been featured!

We’re eagerly awaiting your responses!

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