The Benefits of the Bedtime Story

The Benefits of the Bedtime Story

The Benefits of the Bedtime Story

It is important to take a step back from our screens and the technology that consumes our lives to recognize why a book before bed is valuable in many ways. Reading to your child before bed helps with their brain development, expands their vocabulary and improves their mental imagery. It is also beneficial to you as a parent because it allows you to bond with your child, it creates a comfortable environment where each of you can enjoy quality time with one another. 

A child that is read to is introduced to ideas and objects that they might not otherwise experience in their everyday lives. Growing up in a home with books has proven to advance the learning process, and assists in teaching topics outside of the classroom. Reading is powerful in that it helps to improve vocabulary and enhances one’s ability to recognize sounds and match pictures to words, in addition to promoting the introduction of new information. Reading a book enables your child to learn about different aspects of the world and gives them the opportunity to ask questions. 

Reading with your child is beneficial to you, too. Today, it is impossible to avoid technology altogether but setting time within your day to read with your child allows you to escape the stress of the day. It gives you the opportunity to relax and spend quality time together. It also gives your child a chance to look forward to going to bed and allows them to develop a bedtime routine, which in turn makes the bedtime process easier for you. 

To learn more about the benefits of reading to your children before bed you can visit the following links:

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