5 Tips to Help Your Kids Fall to Sleep

5 Tips to Help Your Kids Fall to Sleep

5 Tips to Help Your Kids Fall to Sleep

Sleep is something we treasure most in our lives, yet we never seem to get enough of it. As any parent will tell you, when our kids can sleep, so can we. Here are 5 helpful tips to put the little ones to rest, so you can get your rest. 


Stick to a consistent bedtime routine

You’ll thank us later. Small repetitive activities, like a simple bath or classic bedtime story (check out our shop for the best bedtime stories), help signal to your child that bed time is coming soon. When you stick to a consistent routine, your kids will begin to recognize that every time after they are read a bedtime story - sleep time will follow. Knowing what is coming next, will allow your child to feel relaxed, soothed, and at peace. Before you know it, your child will become tired at the start of the routine.  


Bedtime = no electronics

This tip is not only useful for your children, but also for yourself! An hour before bedtime, be sure to power down all electronics so that your body can get ready to wind down. The light from bright screens on TVs, tablets, and phones, simulate daylight and signals to your body to wake up. Do yourself a favor, and turn off the TV before bed. 


Environment is Key

Your child is much more likely to fall asleep, when they are comfortable in their bedroom. Try to associate your child’s bedroom with their happy place and safe haven. When you inevitably need to give your child a timeout, we recommend doing it somewhere other than their bedroom so that they don’t begin to associate their room with punishment. Also, keep the temperature of the room below 75 degrees Fahrenheit!


Handling nightmares 

These nights are unavoidable, but manageable by understanding the root of their restlessness. Your child may have a restless night due to nightmares. Nightmares are bad dreams that your child will remember the next morning. Have your child tell you about their nightmare and come up with some positive alternative endings. Be patient and reassure your child that they are safe; explain that nightmares are just a figment of their imagination. 


Meals and caffeine are not for bedtime

Of course the last thing we want is for your child to be hungry, but try to avoid meals and caffeine right before bedtime. Sugary and caffeinated drinks (like soda) will keep your child up for hours on end. There is nothing wrong with a bedtime snack, but do not give hearty meals right before bed. If your child is craving food around bedtime, try a glass of warm milk or a light/healthy snack. 

Here at Binks & Books, we care about your child’s sleep, just as much as we care about yours. Try out 5 these helpful tips around bedtime! 

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